• PWC is an independent privately run company that believes strongly in doping free sport
  • PWC contributes to the fight against doping while maintaining a strong and feasible business.


  • The collection of urine and blood are invasive actions. Therefore respect and acknowledgement of the athlete’s personal rights are important while following the anti-doping processes; rules and regulations.
  • Testing shouldn’t be seen to be “against” the athlete but is part of the process to keep sport clean.


  • Every blood or urine ample is unique and important.
  • Athletes have the right to expect a high standard of process while providing their samples.
  • PWC takes very seriously it’s responsibility to ensure that samples are not manipulated, contaminated or destroyed by accident.
  • It is vital that a cheat will not evade being sanctioned because of procedural errors.

Quality Certification

PWC GmbH is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008