Worldwide Network

DCO/BCOs are based throughout Germany with many located close to the borders to enable easy access to neighbouring countries: Czech Republic; Poland; Austria; Denmark.

DCO/BCOs are located in many European countries: Netherlands; Spain; Italy; France; Switzerland; Norway; Sweden; UK and Russia

DC/BCOs are located in Dubai; USA; Columbia; South Africa; Australia.

Missions are often conducted in Eastern European countries; in the Baltic States; Kenya and other African countries and in countries throughout Asia.

DCO/BCOs are only recruited, trained and accredited in locations where there is sufficient demand to maintain a high quality level of service.

All freelance DCO and BCOs are trained in accordance with the ISTI.

Continuous quality reviews and skill enhancement workshops assure a high level of expertise.

DCO/BCOs are expected to perform at least 120 collections a year.

Independent and competent control teams are provided for even the most difficult challenges